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Eastern European leading producer of bottled natural mineral water for sale

Sell a business Business category: Manufacturing Updated on: 17.12.2014
Asking price: €
Opportunity description

The company is well located in the industrial area of Chisinau - Moldova Republic with excellent access and road connections.


From the production perspective, there are three main components developed on a 15,000 sq.m industrial hall :

  1. Water extraction: the mineral water is brought from two independent sources by stainless steel pipes. At the actual maximum packaging capacity (of 9,000,000l/y) the water reserve is estimated to be enough for the next 200 years.

  2. PET production line

  3. Packaging production line (both for still and sparkling water): 0.5 l, 1.5 l, 2 l and 5 liters with an annual capacity of 9,000,000 l which means Eur 3,600,000/y

The company is also licensed for refreshment beverages production.

The property benefits from all utilities: 4 transformer stations 2,5 MW in total, natural gas station, own petrol filling station, liquefied gas holders, fire extinction basin, water cooling tower etc.


From the real estate perspective, the company owns 14,000 sq.m built area of warehouses placed on a land of 57,000 sq.m.

About 1,500 sq.m warehouse is used at the moment for the mineral water production whilst the other warehouses generates an annual income of app. Eur 200,000 from different local tenants.


Benefits of investing:

  1. Mineral water production is among the most profitable segments of the market.

  2. Considerable growth of domestic consumption of bottled water.

  3. Exceptional natural potentials-The Company holds rights of exploitation and use the subterranean waters.

  4. The capacity of the source is 9,000,000 l/y of water which can be used for bottling as mineral water and to produce refreshing beverages.

  5. A favorbable location with excellent acces to the roud and rail main routs on interational corridors.

  6. Potential to upgrade operations;with intensive marketing an upgraded sales network the Company could quickly significantly increase it’s market share.

  7. Possibility to employ relatively low cost local labor.


This sales package compres the real estate(buildings with corresponding land rights) and equipment and technology which Company used for the basic activity-production and trade of mineral water and refreshment beverages.Lines are fully automated and provide for high quality of products which is one of the most sophisticated in the country.

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