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Romanian Oil and Gas Manufacturing company of Wellheads Valves Chokes and BOP systems looking for growth capital

Financial partner Business category: Oil & Gas Industry Updated on: 17.12.2014
Investment value: € 25,000,000
Opportunity description

This is an excellent business opportunity for an investment fund and/or a strategic investor looking to expand its presence in the Central - Eastern Europe in the oil & gas production industry.

The Romanian based company owned by an experienced manufacturer and trader of oil&gas equipments (Wellhead, Valves & Chokes, BOP Systems), is looking for a financing facility of Eur 25 million to support the growth of The Company to the next level.

The Company has launched the top-new production facility two years ago, and has recently signed manufacturing and export contracts of about Eur 70 millions with one of the main global player in the oil & gas industry, and is now seeking to get a working capital financing and to expand its production line as per its client requests.

Apart from the export contracts, the Company deliver products an the local market as well.

The requested capital is planned to support The Company’s medium-term strategy, to increase the operational performance so that within 3 years The Company to become one of the key players in the oil & gas manufacturing industry in the region.


The Company’s products meet all current international standards from the American Petroleum Institute: API 6A, API 16A, API 16C, API 16D  requirements are made in different material classes (AA.....HH), temperature range and PSL level requirements.


The Company offers also a complete range of Valve & Chokes for applications such as wellhead equipment, X-mass tree, choke and kill manifolds and other similar applications



The wellhead equipment can be used for the  flowing well, geothermal applications, injection well, pumping out with electric submersible or sucker-rod pumps etc and  is made from different material classes (AA.....HH), temperature range, PSL level requirements and many configurations: single completion; dual completion; single completion – Block Tree, completion for pumping wells, unihead equipment.



The Romanian based company is a provider of turn-key solutions, equipments and services (including design, engineering, manufacturing and services) for the upstream oil & gas industry. The main products are: Wellheads, Valve & Chokes and BOP systems.

They can cover mass production but also small series or even exclusive customized products.

State of the art technology such as CNC machine tools for all kind of mechanical processing, hydrostatic test stands (up to 2.000 bar), test stands with nitrogen (up to 1.100 bar), and high-precision monitoring and measuring equipment recommended this company as a reliable manufacturer for some of the largest companies in the field.


The location benefits from a large infrastructure, industrial platforms and of more than 30.000 sq.m of production facilities connected to the European road and railway.


Strategic advantages:

  • * Experienced owner in the field of oil&gas and strong management team in place
  • * Existing export contracts in place with reputable clients
  • * State of the art technology
  • * Highly qualified & experienced work force in the field
  • * Romania has a tradition of 150 years in Oil&Gas and is a well known producer in this field
  • * Excellent located, well developed infrastructure (roads&railway)
  • * High growth potential 
Startup date   2000   Employees   50
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RBEX Representative
ARSENE Valentina
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4 021 266 56 77
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