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Home Coca Cola launches new bottling line in Romania



Coca-Cola launches new bottling line in Romania


Following an investment of EUR 22 M, the city of Ploiesti becomes export basis for 100 million consumers, the President and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, Muhtar Kent said during the inauguration event.


Muhtar Kent, President and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, jointly with Dimitris Lois, CEO of Coca-Cola HBC AG and Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta inaugurated yesterday, in Ploiesti, a new bottling line for Cappy Pulpy, upon an investment of EUR 22 M. “The new Cappy Pulpy bottling line is yet another example of Coca-Cola System’s commitment to exceptional innovations, which cater to the needs of consumers. The Ploiesti factory of the local bottler will become an export hub for 100 million consumers,” Muhtar Kent stated. During the event, Muhtar Kent thanked the bottling partner Coca-Cola HBC and the Government of Romania for the confidence in the capacity to develop the region. “Like in other countries, here too, growth-related challenges have existed these years. But we, at Coca-Cola, believe in the investment during difficult times, in long-term development and in the positive contribution to the growth and revitalisation of the economy,” Kent added.

In his turn, Premier Victor Ponta underscored that the investment made by Coca-Cola in Romania is the best message a country can receive, Romania thus becoming an important regional actor. “The Ploiesti-based bottling factory, the largest in South-Eastern Europe, is for Coca-Cola HBC a real centre of investments in technological innovations. Four years ago, we inaugurated here two important innovations – the automated mega-warehouse High-Bay and the co-generation plant – with a total investment of EUR 45 M,” Dimitris Lois mentioned.

The new aseptic bottling line is based on a state-of-the-art filling system patented by Krones – global leader in equipment for the production of beverages and in packaging – and will be operated by 30 qualified employees. The bottling line is in operation since July 2013 and produces drinks in packaging suitable for immediate use (0.33L PET) and family use (1.5L PET). Cappy Pulpy is currently produced in two flavours – orange and grapefruit – for the Romanian market and for other European markets.



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