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 JUNE 25TH, 2013

Croatia-Romania bilateral relations, on the rise



Interview with H.E. Mrs Andrea Gustovic Ercegovac, Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia in Romania



What are Croatia’s external political objectives now that it will join the EU?


What are the things / places that you like in Romania?



Croatia external political objectives are the relations with our neighbours, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, and other countries in South Eastern Europe like Macedonia Kosovo, Albania or Republic of Moldova. Croatia has set up the Centre of excellence whose purpose is sharing experience of negotiations with the EU. We support the joining of the remaining countries in the Southeast Europe to the Euro-Atlantic integrations and already gave the translation of the acquis communitarie. Other external goal is to strengthen energy stability and diversification of the energy resources. Participation in the discussions within EU / NATO regarding the peace process in various part of the world is also high on our agenda.




Recently I visited the Danube Delta, and was impressed with the biodiversity, richness and agricultural potential of the land. The beauty and history of the Curtea de Arges are very interesting. I found out that Medieval Walachia and Dubrovnik have had good trade connections in the 16th and 17th century. In Caras-Severin County, where Croatian minority lives, the landscape is beautiful, also the natural park Semenic.
You have stated not long ago that in Istria there are many localities where the old Romanian language is spoken. Do people still speak it frequently, do they try to conserve this habit and what do you think about this?
We are proud to have speakers of old language similar to Romanian in Istria, mostly around the villages of Zejane and Susnjevica on the _icarija Mountain. Today there is the project of the Ministry of Culture of Croatia, local municipalities, Ethnographic Museum of Istria and NGOs to document and preserve the language as part of non-material heritage of Croatia. There different actions to promote the visibility of the language – local festivity.



I know that tourism is one of the most important elements on the economic agenda of your country. How do you think we can improve this sector here in Romania?



How would you describe the bilateral relations between Romania and Croatia? 

Rugged coastline and many islands make Croatia one of the top summer destinations in Europe. Romania and Croatia have beautiful lakes and mountains. Romania has a great potential in winter and ski tourism. Developments in this sector in the coming years will broaden the offer of winter and mountain resorts. Romania might promote more the natural beauty and touristic sites abroad.
About the national day of your country, what is its significance and how it is celebrated in Croatia?
Croatian Statehood Day is celebrated on June 25 marking the country’s 1991 declaration of independence. On that day the Croatian parliament had adopted the Declaration on the Proclamation of the Sovereign and Independent Croatia, making the date one of the most important in Croatian history, as it had determined Croatia’s democratic future. State activities on the occasion involve various ceremonies with speeches by the President of Croatia and other dignitaries, as well as commemoration of the Croatian War of Independence.



Last several year bilateral relations are on the rise. Recently President of the Romanian Senate Crin Antonescu was in the official visit to Zagreb. Croatian President Ivo Josipovic was in a state visit in July 2012. President of Romania Traian Basescu will participate at the central event in Zagreb on June 30 marking the historic moment for Croatia – entering to the EU. We are working on the visit of First Deputy Minister and Minister of Foreign and European affairs Vesna Pusic to Romania in autumn this year. Trade exchange is on the rise, 10% in 2012 compared to 2011. Number of Romanian tourists visiting Croatia has been around 60000 and we are positive that figures will increase significantly.







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