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Looking to Start or Expand Your Business in Romania?


The ROMANIAN Business Exchange (rbeX) offers the perfect soft landing services and facilities for companies looking to establish their presence in Romania.





The RBEX Soft Landing service is part of the International Soft Landing Platform offered through the European Business & Innovation Centres Network (EBN).


Our soft landing packages are designed by a group of experienced international professionals working to get your company up and running in Romania, while providing the practical, legal, financial, and other critical business information you need to avoid mistakes when entering a new market and create a solid foundation for your business venture here.




An introductory meeting to help you get on track: € 350


Get your new business venture in Romania on track smoothly and efficiently.


We use an integrated finance, tax and legal practice approach to provide the most added value to our clients.


What’s included:


A two-hour specific business advice and orientation meeting with a business support manager & the in-house legal team to guide through all the questions that you need to ask before considering setting up your business in Romaniaand provide you with a detailed regional market analysis tailored to a sector of interest.


soft landing services romania


In partnership with Ghica Boutique Law firm: € 1000 + € 200 legal fees*







A complex package to help you get started with your new business venture in Romania.


Our legal team brings outstanding experience that has been gained through blending international best practice with in-depth knowledge and sensitivity to local market conditions.


What’s included:


Legal and tax advice (regarding the appropriate legal entity, corporate and tax requirements, labor laws and costs).

Drafting off all legal documentation.

Setting up the company with a Romanian address.


Ghica Boutique Law Firm handles corporate, commercial, banking and real estate matters.




Additional services available**


You might also be interested in:


Obtaining business permits and licenses.

Intellectual property protection and patent assistance

Legal advice for the current activities of the company.


**For additional services rates will be applied on a case by case. Please contact us for more info.


Business launch networking and matchmaking services

Pre-arranged meetings with selected businesses, specific organizations and other entities to explore strategic partnership opportunities.

Government regulations and import/export laws

Assistance with participating to trade shows

Finding business partners in Romania

Buying out a company

Acquiring a company as part of a liquidation procedure

Creating a partnership (joint-venture)

Access to capital and potential founders




Business accommodation with flexible conditions: € 350/month*






You can have your own office in Bucharest, Romania starting today.


If you intend to start developing your business here, you need to establish a local presence. We are ready to work with you, carefully respecting your budget constraints, to set up a virtual office in our brand new modern facility.

soft landing services ebn - virtual office in romania

What’s included:


Turnkey office for onsite representatives or personnel with front desk receptionist. Office facilities include desk, chair, Wi-Fi/internet “plug in and go” access for a laptop, printing and photo-copying facilities (additional cost per operation), access to telephone and fax lines.

Daily post delivery and collection (does not include the postal service fees).

Access to meeting room - with advanced notice(does not include protocol items: water, coffee, treats).

Parking for visitors.

Hotel reservation

Collection from local airport/train station


Additional services available**


Translation services

Help obtaining business and driver's licenses

Immigration and visa assistance

Housing assistance

Domestic market research and entry assistance

Language/cultural training


Access to capital and potential founders

Help meeting government regulations and import/export laws

Assistance with participating to trade shows

Assistance in recruiting skilled human resources


**For additional services rates will be applied on a case by case. Please contact us for more info.


Rates: € 150/hour – Partner • € 110/hour – Senior staff • € 80/hour – Junior staff


Complete solutions to complex problems, clear orientation in the local business environment, and knowledge of the most up-to-date market trends.


Our consultants can offer insightful, reliable, and cost effective solutions and recommendations to match your business needs & goals.


*  VAT tax (24%) shall be added to all the above-mentioned rates.

If you need additional information or advice please don't hesitate to contact us.






You can call us at:

+4 021 266 56 77


You can use the contact form

or just send us an email at:




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