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Ecological Association is looking for a financial partner to develop a distribution network of organic products in Oltenia

Financial partner Business category: Social Business Updated on: 17.12.2014
Investment value: € N/A
Opportunity description


Association with ecological character is looking financial partner for the development of its own distribution network with organic products in Oltenia. The association was founded in 2004 and currently has 15 members (agronomists, engineers, biologists, physicists, chemists, priests, lawyers).


One of the ongoing concerns of the association is to promote organic farming and traditional homesteads from Oltenia.


The social nature of the business is provided by the principles of fair trade and responsible consumption. Accordingly, small farmers receive a fair price on products that reward their work and allow them to develop small-holder farmers and consumers to use affordable green products obtained by organic method. The producers’ network is looking for an employer to distribute the fresh produce.


Revenues will come from selling their home, office or workplace of food and agriculture clients with certified origin fresh or preserved, on demand. The products will come from households / farms in the region peasant and buyers will be able, if they wish, to visit the suppliers at any time given. In addition, the production process is continuously monitored by specialists association will periodically visit farms supplying.


Buyers come mainly from targeted categories of employees in the area (logistical and cost reasons delivery of products to make it easier to work at the end of work for more clients than once the home of each individual client). Any employee who usually supplies food and agriculture in the market or the store will allow you to buy our products because they will be delivered to the producer price without adding practiced by traders / middlemen, with the addition of the guarantee of origin and product quality.


Another category of customers are restaurants and cafeterias in the area who want to offer their customers tasty and healthy food products.

Startup date   2004
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