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Excellent franchise FOR SALE

Franchise Business category: Food & Beverage Updated on: 17.12.2014
Valoarea in EUR en 150000
Opportunity description


Excellent franchise for SALE. The company that owns the franchise specialized in French pastry signed an exclusive contract in the Eastern part of Europe (the Balkans) for a period of 7 years. The contractual conditions are very favorable with minimal fees for payment.


The total investment was around € 220,000, of which € 120,000 was for equipment leasing.

The franchise has already opened its first location and enjoys a great success  because of the top products offered and the space arranged at European standards.


The first location has a commercial space of 130 sqm, leased into a commercial center in Bucharest - ROMANIA. From the total leased space, about 75 sqm represents the service area comprising about 50 seats. Equipment purchased and used by company personnel are of high quality and is still under warranty. The refrigeration capacity (-20Celsius) is of 20 cm. The space is divided into three areas: the ground floor where there is a cooking area of ​​about 20sqm with two-way access (according to legislation) and an open space to showcase serving with dining space with 40 seats. This location has  30 sqm space for storage, cold room.


The company has already developed a network of suppliers so that products can be delivered on time and in favorable conditions, therefore stocks are low and the business becomes profitable at a operational level.

This is an advantage of buying a franchise such as ready meals are delivered frozen so that they are immediately ready to be cooked. The company is in need of the existing equipment to provide products to sell.


Benefits for the BUYER:

The buyer of the company takes over a company that has all the rights to a profitable franchise and has a good banking history, with no debts.

The franchise can be developed in various manners: cafe, bistro and kiosk according to the investment and the development potential of the new owner.

The possibility to place this international franchise in high traffic areas in Balkans and Romania

High quality products in French cuisine

An already established network of suppliers that offers extra safety in delivery timelines and fulfillment of all orders.

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