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Romanian NGO is looking for a strategic partner for exposing ornamental plants and floral decorations

Strategic partner Business category: Social Business Updated on: 17.12.2014
Partnership value: € N/A
Opportunity description


A.N.C.A.A.R. Association – the National Association for Children and Adults with Autism in Romania, Craiova branch, was established in 2003 in order to create a center for recovery / rehabilitation of people with autism and to provide medical information and specialized services to meet their needs.

The mission A.N.C.A.A.R. is to improve the quality of life for people with autism and their families.

The Association aims to produce ornamental flowers and floral decorations for buildings, gardens and public spaces.


The main customers are businesses (hotels, restaurants, banks) that have enough space for displaying flowers and floral decorations. Also, the arrangements can be sold in florists to benefit individuals.

The organization will employ persons suffering from autism who perform economic activities in the educational therapy, as well as specialists in agronomy (parents, relatives, staff of the center) that will coordinate the activity.

The center has a space of 1,000 m2 suitable for horticulture activities made available free of charge by the Dolj County Council.

Resources needed to start business are materials and manpower for the building  at least 100 m2 of greenhouses in order to ensure production throughout the year.

The prices for products will be below the market price as a part of the production process will be undertaken by young people with autism in occupational therapy and the ground and maintenance costs of the center are paid for by Dolj County Council.

To fulfill the social nature of business the economic activities carried out will take place within occupational therapy session for persons with autism and all profits obtained will be used for their help.

Startup date   2003
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RBEX Representative
Camelia Negoita
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4 (021) 266.56.77
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