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Romanian health products distributor is looking for a financial partner to develop a high potential business

Financial partner Business category: Distribution Updated on: 17.12.2014
Investment value: € 500,000
Opportunity description

Business investment opportunity in Romania. Romanian company specialized in the distribution of vitamins and supplements is looking for financial partner interested to invest between € 250.000 to € 500.000 in developing the growing business of nutritional supplements, vitamins and multivitamins importing and distribution.

The company was founded in 2007 and began operations in 2009 - the same year in which market research was conducted to ientify the products with significant sales potential on the Romanian market. It currently has all the necessary licenses and approvals required by law, as well as ongoing distribution contracts with manufacturers.


The company recorded a profit in each year of operation and currently has 11 employees, providing the necessary logistics for the distribution of the company’s products in over 4400 pharmacies and other outlets across the country, over 50% of market share.

A reputable brand on the market, it owns the trade mark rights for the company’s name and holds the import and distribution license for a total of over 20 health products.

Products are manufactured in the U.S., based on the company’s own recepies, and developed to the specifications of the Romanian market.


Depending on the amount invested by the new partner, the current owner of the company is willing to transfer up to 51% of company’s capital and shares.

The new investment partner will cover the VAT costs required for the products to clear the Romanian customs, products totaling € 2.25 million, a solid guruantee for the investment.


Capital repayment will be done within a period of 4-6 months after the transaction, once the products are released from customs and distributed through the existing sales network (1 +1 promotions are taken into account, considering the option that the investor will want to have their capital repaid sooner).

A position in the company's management board is provided for the investor’s representative.

The new partner is offered the bonus opportunity of using the existing distribution network for similar or complementary product distribution, from the very first day.

If the investor does not want to become a shareholder, the company is also considering the option of a € 250,000  loan, putting up as mortgage a property P 1 located in Bucharest.


The sum is the minimum necessary investment to complete the importing stage for a volume of goods subsequently to be sold in orfer to provide the cash flow necessary for covering the whole import value.


Last year's turnover:   € 250,000   Last year's profit   € 26,000
Startup date   2007   Employees   11
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RBEX Representative
ARSENE Valentina
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +4 021 266 56 77
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